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Updated: May 11, 2019

This story begins with a whole lot of problems around my home that I just didn't think I would ever be able to solve.

In the UK we live with (8 months of the year) damp, rainy weather. Yes, I know, we really should live somewhere warmer! Anyway, over the years my family has lived in many old, Victorian houses and we have always been haunted by the persistent problem of damp.

There were endless mouldy patches on walls, on ceilings, around windows, in bathrooms and in wardrobes.With them came the unmistakable niff of musty smells and the knowledge that our house was awash with toxic spores. Not nice.

Like everyone else in this country, I just kept scrubbing them down, repainting them and trying to forget they were there.

It was by accident that we came across a natural product that knocked all those problems on the head. While on a trip to China, we discovered small linen bags that are filled with a specific type of bamboo. The bamboo is so porous and has such a massive surface area that it simply aborbs any odours or moisture in its vicinity. Our host told us they have been using this stuff in Asia for thousands of years - I wish they had told us in wet old England sooner!

We brought some home and in two days they had eliminated mould, excess moisture and odours. I hate fake air freshener smells and the expensive refills and so I don’t buy them. But, I have to say, these bags even suck in any stubborn smells like old cigarettes or pet odours. They also purify the air of any toxins at the same time. It means my home now just smells fresh and clean (even when it isn’t that clean). We also put one in the car and it makes for a far nice driving experience (especially after fast-food-eating teenagers have borrowed it).

It was the product that we never knew we needed and even better it is totally natural. Unlike other household products, the bags can be used for up to two years and, once finished,you can empty the contents onto your garden to enrich the soil.What's not to love?!

We love the products so much, and so does everyone who uses them, that we created our own brand, Air Remedy Bag. We wanted to make them simple to use and apply, so we created several versions:

Air Remedy No. 1 is created primarily for shoes, trainers, work wear or for your loved ones aromatic footwear. They are equally fantastic for small spaces and storage, gym bags, travel bags.

Air Remedy No 2 has been created for areas such as wardrobes, pet areas (dog and cat beds). Great for toilets and again storage areas. Even food storage areas, kitchen cupboards etc.

Air Remedy No 5 can literally be used in any room in the home. It is large enough to absorb smells and excess moisture in large rooms and is perfect for the office, a nursery and also your car.

Air Remedy is completely none toxic, family and pet friendly. To recharge simply place in the sun or on a radiator for a couple of hours once a month. It last 2 years, after which you cut open the bag, and empty the charcoal bamboo into the soil as fertiliser!

Needless to say we love it and we hope you will too. Any feedback or questions is most welcome.

Hannah and Andy x

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