😍 MOSO BAMBOO NATURALLY ELIMINATES ODOURS. Bags are perfect for every room in your

home and in your car.


❤️ NEUTRALISES SMELLS and FRESHENS AIR for cars, caravans, boats and large storage areas. 


💪 ABSORBS DAMP to help prevent mould and mildew growth + reduces airborne bacteria and allergens.


🌞 REACTIVATE AND REUSE the charcoal by placing the bag in sunlight or on a radiator for 2 hours once a month


🌳 ECO-FRIENDLY, FRAGRANCE FREE, RECYCLABLE & COMPOSTABLE. Stylishly designed in Europe for your home using high-quality, breathable fabric and a handy elastic hook for easy positioning. 

Air Remedy 2x500g

SKU: 500g x 2